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Learning Services, Inc.

Building communities of wellness ~ one family at a time.
Myhomespa is one of PARTHIA's wellness brands. It approaches wellness through preventive and alternative health care services for individuals, families, and related groups.

PARTHIA stands for Parenting, Teaching, Healing Initiatives and Advancements. It responds to the need for better and more effective parenting, teaching and healing approaches amidst a most complex, highly technology and media-driven consumerist environment. PARTHIA aims to help individuals, families and related groups in different stages of human development help themselves in building better futures today. It focuses on total wellness - body, mind, emotion, spirit - as we interact with and change our physical, social and spiritual orientation and environment into one that is peaceful, healthy, and fruitful as God meant it to be.

PARTHIA has five (5) Key Areas of Initiatives and Advancements:

  1. Lifelong Learning for Parents and Teachers (What works wonderfully)
  2. Early Education (Children’s Wonderful World of Wellness)
  3. Life Coaching for Total Wellness
  4. Wellness through Preventive and Alternative Healthcare Services (PRAHCS)
  5. Event Management, Research and Publications

Myhomespa serves households in the Metro Sta. Rosa, Laguna area, where it is known for delivering traditional Filipino Hilot Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Thai massage. But it also conducts wellness programs for companies and organizations in Metro Manila and other cities, provided these organizations’ corporate wellness programs are aligned with myhomespa’s preventive and alternative healthcare initiatives and advocacy work.

BeingWellWorks is PARTHIA's wellness brand for institutions and corporations. It has three main components:

  1. Onsite Chair Massage which it shares with myhomespa,
  2. Life Exercises -- activities designed to strengthen the bond between mind and body, and
  3. Life Expositions -- seminars on life & work relevant knowledges and skills.
This is PARTHIA's response to the growing demand for workplace wellness and "work-life balance". It allows officers and corporate personnel to revitalize and regain energy in an often high-stress, fast-paced work environment right at the workplace.

Myhomespa's Onsite Chair Massage (OCM) is one of the more popular approaches that respond to the growing demand for alternative wellness and work-life balance initiatives in the workplace. It allows officers and staff of companies to revitalize and regain energy in an often high-stress, fast-paced work environment right at the workplace. A 30-minute Wellness Seminar on Preventive and Alternative Healthcare that provides context to OCM and other myhomespa wellness modalities typically accompanies an engagement. The OCM is also a creative marketing tool that can keep not only employees but customers and clients equally engaged in any company event.

  Myhomespa currently has two staging points for the Metro Sta. Rosa, Laguna area:

Sunnyvale House
(Staff House)
33 Sunnyvale Street
Laguna Bel Air, Sta. Rosa City,
Laguna 4026

HiHiP Wellness Learning & Resource Center
(DOH-accredited Training Institution)
33 Bakersfield St., Laguna Bel Air
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna 4026

Contact Centers
for home, office, event or hotel-based bookings, appointments and inquiries:
Landline: (049)544.0704
Mobile: 0917.545.7494

Contact Person:
Farida Harrison
Business Manager

Myhomespa is a member of the Spa Association of the Philippines.


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