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Doc PRIMY is both an MD and a Doctor of Education. He served as president of the Philippine Medical Association, a governor of the Philippine National Red Cross, Charter President of the Manila Chinatown Lions Club, a Director of the Chamber of Filipino Drug Manufacturers and Distributors, Inc., the Philippines Medical Care Commission (Medicare), and a consultant of the Senate Committee on Health. Primy is a practicing doctor, businessman, academician, and civic leader. He has very kindly accepted to advise PARTHIA-myhomespa in matters pertaining to health education. Here are some keynotes.
On Wellness Education (Video, 5:35)
Training Today's Hilots (Video, 1:48)
Today's Challenge to Doctors (Video, 2:50)
Shifts in Health Care (Video, 1:22)
JIMMY holds a doctorate in Metabolic Medicine from Dr William Donald Kelley's College of Metabolic Medicine. In 2001, he represented Dr Kelly at the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM), a non-profit professional association, was founded in 1995 by a group of medical doctors dedicated to the practice of alternative medicine. He has been a trustee of PCAM since 2002, and in 2005, he was Acting Director of the DOH's Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC). He is an expert on the power of natural healing, having himself survived cancer the natural way.
Preventing Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Enzyme Therapy for Cancer
Reversing Type II Diabetes
Adam and Eve Diet for Cancer Patients
Acidic and Alkaline Fruits
Reversing Diabetic Retinopathy
CARL is a spa consultant and an acknowledged scholar with a passion for study, teaching, and benevolence. Aside from being a registered nurse, he is a licensed massage therapist with expertise in over ten modalities of massage. Carl is one of the very few Filipinos accredited by the UK-based CIBTAC, an international examination board, specialising in awarding diplomas in beauty, complementary therapies and well-being. He sat in the DOH Board of Examiners for massage therapists. He currently serves as principal trainor for myhomespa's therapists.
ED is a Chi Kung and Tai Chi trainor, and Principal of the Still Mountain Tai Chi Kung Institute. He received his own training from masters - Master David Chan in the Philippines, and Master Li Jun Feng, Dean of Qigong at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, Texas. Ed is a leading figure in the founding of the Tai Chi Union of the Philippines. He teaches regularly at Megamall and gives stress management seminars to corporations and various communities. Chi Kung is a body of knowledge and system of practice for enhancing and balancing the life force or "Chi". Tai Chi is an internal martial art within Chi Kung, where practitioners try to master and maximize the use of our life force within.

Standing Meditation, Your Taichi Form and Push Hands
Learning Tai Chi Push Hands: 4 Helpful Rules

REDGE, is a graduate of BS Psychology from the Ateneo, and is currently part of the 2-woman HR team in the leading mobile content provider of the country. As our youngest resource friend, she was executive assistant during PARTHIA's critical founding stages. She assists PARTHIA-myhomespa as a specialist in the HR field of Organization Development and Strategy, believing fervently that an effective HR practitioner is not only an administrator, or employee champion, but more importantly, the company's business partner. But more than these HR experiences, she feels that life's lessons and her own personal ways of wellness create enough resources for her and for PARTHIA. She is a proud mother of two beautiful baby girls.
BOY, to mainstream Philippine society, is a Chemical Engineer and businessman whose main line of work was building construction. But what is unique and fascinating about him is that he has been a bona fide practitioner of Filipino healing arts for over forty years -- from the time he was healed of muscular dystrophy by a "manghihilot". He has since mastered the art and culture of Hilot and has come to be regarded in the network of practitioners as an "albularyo," ie, one qualified to teach Hilot. He was a founding director of the DOH's PITAHC and is regularly consulted by the Spa Association of the Philippines and the Department of Trade and Industry. He is a regular speaker on Hilot, indigenous Filipino spirituality, wholistic health and alternative medicine for academic and corporate institutions, including the UP College of Mass Communications, and top local and international spas. His background in chemistry and engineering allows him to explain in scientific terms what appears to many as "magical" healing. He now dedicates himself full-time to teaching and sharing the art of Hilot to the Philippines and to the world through the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG). He is the author of "Hilot: The Science of the Ancient Filipino Healing Art" and "Hilot -- Balik Kalusugan: Pagsasaayos ng Kuryente sa Katawan (Aklat 1)". View FILIPINO HILOT DEMO VIDEOS.

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